Bristol: Bread City

Bristol’s award winning food and drink writer and wine columnist for the Guardian, Fiona Beckett explains why Bristol will be the UK’s number 1 bread city in May.

Award winning food and drink writer Fiona Beckett
Fiona Beckett – award winning food & drink writer

One of the things that struck me when I moved to Bristol six years ago was how great its bread was. I’d never lived in a city where it was so easy to buy a good loaf.

From traditional bakeries like Hobbs House and Herbert’s to newer ones like the East Bristol Bakery, Hart’s Bakery, Joe’s Bakery and Mark’s Bakery we must have some of the best and most enthusiastic bakers in the country.

We felt that was something that should be celebrated. Even when other foods have been scarce bread has always been central to people’s lives: sustaining, nourishing and comforting. Every community has its own bread traditions. It was absolutely in the spirit of Food Connections that recipes should be revived, swapped and shared.

During Bristol Food Connections everyone will have a chance to taste the best of Bristol’s bread. There will be a bread trail linking up the city’s bakeries, each of which will bake its own version of a festival loaf. Cafés and restaurants will be coming up with festival sandwiches and all kinds of treats on toast. You’ll have the chance to make your own bread at hands-on baking classes. For 10 days in May Bristol will truly be Britain’s number 1 bread city.

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