Follow your dreams with a career in the food industry

X 005This festival would not be happening if it wasn’t for the people that have dedicated their lives to the food and drink industry in Bristol. It is the farmers, the makers, the sellers, the cookery teachers, the writers, the bar tenders, the chefs and the front of house staff that are making this festival possible by showcasing their skills and projects.

Bristol’s food culture is buzzing, vibrant and constantly evolving and it is thanks to these people who are passionate about good food. If you have been inspired by these fabulous people you may well be considering a career in the food industry yourself. Thankfully, one of Bristol’s food heroes, Kate Hawkings has pulled together a cracking line-up of discussions designed for those already in the business and those who are yet to take the leap.

The events take place on Saturday 3 May at the STEM Learning Suite in At-Bristol and each session costs a mere £5 (£7.50 for mixology).

30 industry experts will be spilling the beans on the pleasures and pitfalls of life on the inside. Sessions include:

Speakers include Telegraph writer Xanthe Clay, Guardian writers Fiona Beckett and Claire Thomson, Tim Hayward, Genevieve Taylor, Rob Wicks, Laura Hart, Jenny Chandler, Barny Haughton, Romy Gill and many more.

Commenting, Kate said: “Food and drink is something that connects us all and it’s never going to go away. There are countless career paths open to those who want to work in this tough yet incredibly rewarding industry, but getting guidance as to how best succeed can often be tricky. These sessions are designed to point the next generation of food professionals in the right direction, and to hone the skills of those who have already embarked on the journey.

“Bristol Food Connections cements our brilliant city’s place as the most vibrant food centre in the UK. With the typically Bristolian spirit of imagination and enterprise, some amazing people here have forged successful careers doing amazing things in all aspects of the food and drink world and I’m thrilled so many of them – well-established grandees as well as hip young gunslingers – have generously offered to share their experiences and expertise in this series of sessions.”

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