Our friends at Understory have been given an opportunity to go to the secret farms where the world’s rarest cocoa is grown and film a documentary. It’s an opportunity to shine a light on the plight of the people in the chocolate industry, and tell the secret story behind the treat we love but know little about.

The future of chocolate is in a fragile state. It’s hard to farm cocoa; most farmers are operating in extreme poverty, forcing them to rely on child labour. Other farmers are abandoning cacao altogether in pursuit of more profitable yields. And there are issues with disease and deforestation too. The chocolate industry is quickly realising that farms need to be made more sustainable to ensure a long-term supply of quality products.

What does sustainability look like for the world’s rarest chocolate? Understory want to investigate. It will help farmers to collect data and film their stories. The resulting documentary will highlight the critical issues in the chocolate industry and the growing importance for sustainable cocoa production.

But they need your help. To raise funds to make the film, they’ve started a crowdfunder on Indiegogo. Please give generously and in return, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win some amazing treats – from love potions to storytelling chocolate bars, all made with the world’s rarest chocolate. The top prize is having your head cast in chocolate.


Head here to find out more or donate.

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