Time to connect through food

This year, our festival theme is TIME.

We want to inspire you to connect with the environment and people around you through food, and to think more about the food you eat, whether it’s the producers who grew it, how it was cooked, or the story behind how it got to your plate.

We’ve got a few suggestions for how you can get involved, and we’d love for you to share your experiences with us on Twitter or Instagram – tag us in your pictures or include #BFC2018 and #BristolConnect in your posts.

Time to… share

Make extra portions of home-cooked food to share with others, whether it be doing a lunch swap with your workmates, offering to a local group or organisation (maybe they have a team of volunteers who would appreciate a donated dinner!) or bringing a dish to someone who isn’t always able to cook for themselves. It’s also a great way to learn about new cuisines and cultures, and learn some new recipes along the way!

Time to… eat together

Life is busy and we often don’t make enough time to eat together and take a break from our daily routine. Organise a pot luck lunch feast with your colleagues, a picnic with a group, or maybe a street party with your neighbours – we want to see sociable feasts popping up all over Bristol!

Time to… make a change

People have never been more aware of the food they eat and the impact on the environment, so we want to see people making a positive change relating to how they engage with food. This could be anything, but here are a few ideas to get you started: avoiding plastic packaging; cutting back on sugar; eating less meat; making time to cook. Tell us your food resolutions and we’ll collect them to share and inspire others!

Remember to tell us about what you get up to onĀ Twitter or Instagram, and include #BFC2018 and #BristolConnect in your posts.

We want as many people in Bristol taking part in the festival as possible, so the more people you involve in your food plans, the better! It’s time to connect through food, and we can all play our part.

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Food Connections 2015.
Photo by Adam Gasson / adamgasson.com


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