The theme

This year’s theme is TIME.

When we think about food, there are lots of ways to consider what time means, and we hope that people hosting events during Food Connections week will be inspired by and draw on the theme without feeling restricted by it.

As part of the festival there will be opportunities to enjoy meal times and special times, celebrate past times and explore our food future. We want to delve into the traditions of how we eat, think about how time affects our eating patterns and investigate what role feasting has in our culture.

The passing of time plays a role as we consider how we can eat more aligned with our changing seasons and scrutinise how transportation time impacts our diet. How can  experiencing food of the past influence how our food will look into the future?

Delve into and play with the theme; there are lots of ways to interpret it and if you’d like more food for thought visit our Inspiration Station here.


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