Inspiration Station

So you want to run an event at Food Connections 2018 but you’re not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re trying to get your head around our theme of ‘Time’ and not sure how best to tie this theme into your event? We’ve put together some themes that you might want to explore in a bit more depth, and come up with some facts, ideas and thought provoking questions to help you think more about our theme and how you could shape an event around it.


Fast Food versus Slow Food

How can we balance convenience and quality of food?

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The Future of Food

It’s a key time to ask ourselves what our future diet looks like.

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How Our History Has Shaped The Way We Eat

From elaborate feasts to every day staples, many of the dishes we hold dear have a story or tale behind them.

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Meal Times and Special Times

Food plays a key part in many occasions in our lives

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