And that’s a wrap! Bristol Food Connections 2019 wrap report

June saw the fifth Bristol Food Connections festival take place across the city and beyond. It was a truly magical 10 days and yet again Bristol’s food community challenged themselves to think beyond food on a plate.

There is a great deal to celebrate about this year’s Bristol Food Connections. The Festival made new connections with a whole new wave of people – 72% of those who completed our survey were new to the festival, and 93% say they’ll come back next year. Over 70% of attendees left the car at home while 15% of visitors came from outside the city.

Our survey showed that the most valued aspects of the festival are having fun, trying new foods or experiences and visiting new parts of the city.

There’s more in our 2019 Bristol Food Connections wrap report which you can read here.

Thanks to everyone who took part in Bristol Food Connections 2019. See you next time!

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